Data Lake is not a Data Warehouse

Date Lake and Data Warehouse are designed and used for different purposes: the data lake is an excellent solution for analytics, but it is not suitable for the interaction between the different operating systems. According to Martin Fowler: “The lake is too complex to trawl for operational communication. The analysis of the lake could possibly […]

The digital era need a ubiquitous computing

In the digital age it is anachronistic to deal with the data processing with the logic and the systems used so far. The mobile connectivity and the use of multiple device require the use of radically different computation models. It is very important today rely on context-aware systems that provide context information, such as the […]

Emerging Big Data Trends

Big Data is a very wide area. Unified Continuous Ingestion, Polyglot Persistence, Real Time Streaming, Context Aware Computing, In-Motion Analytics & Machine Learning are the trends we embrace, provide and plan to support. Unified Continuous Ingestion: next generation digital analytics require delivering just-in-time data and feedback. Streaming data requires resilient infrastructure that can move data […]