Why We Love Apache Flink

Latency has become more and more important as the processing capacities are increasing. Nowadays, companies have realized that the value of information is higher in the moment when the creation of data occurs and therefore need a real-time processing system. Flink has adopted a continuous flow, operator-based streaming model. Flink processes data as true streams […]

Banks, Big Data & Blockchain

In the contest of the very revolution that big data are bringing also in the banking world, the digital system is overcoming the traditional distinction between product- and process-innovation. Big data are the basis of the new concept on how to “be a bank”. During the last year, the redefinition of the industry rules and […]

The new role of the CIO

Two recent surveys among CIOs of the European and Italian companies highlight that IT management is evolving under the pressure of the Digital Transformation. The research made in Italy by Netconsulting Cube shows that IT is becoming the bimodal approach, most suitable for those who have to innovate, be fast and agile in order to […]

Unified Continuous Ingestion

The information explosion and the rise of the Internet of Things are creating new business opportunities. However, in order to exploit opportunities, organizations are facing new technological challenges. Traditional tools may not be adequate to address demands for scalability, performance, fault tolerance or real time. Timely and relevant information can fuel significant insights. From consumer […]