Team Lead / Senior Software Engineer (Ref SSE)

Would you like to become part of a start-up based in Milan, focusing on Big Data, for in-house products and high-level consultancy?

Radicalbit is a fast-growing IT start-up with great ambitions in becoming a major player in the Big Data world. We are passionate about Fast Data, Big Data, Machine Learning, Scala and the JVM and we are heavily focused on engineering and data science before anything else. We push every day to build products and provide strategic consultancy in top-notch, bleeding-edge projects. We mainly deal with customers working in finance, e-commerce, insurance, banking, logistics and payment solutions.

What you will do

At Radicalbit we are currently looking for a number of senior figures to join and expand our established team of engineers, each with years of experience working with Scala and Fast Data, among many other technologies. You’ll be involved in the Professional Services and Consulting branch of Radicalbit working in small teams of highly-skilled engineers. You’ll have the chance to collaborate with a global network of partners to finally provide to our customers cutting edge solutions catering true value.

Who you are

You are really passionate about programming and Big Data technologies and you comply at least with one of the following requirements:

  • you’re a Java hero and you have a deep understanding of the technologies sorrounding the JVM world
  • years of working experience crafting Big Data and Fast Data solutions using cutting edge technologies

Being eager on increasing your competence about Fast Data world is the most fundamental aspect you’ll need to join the team. Apart from that, we’re looking for candidates that have working experience or evincible competences on the following role:

Team Lead / Senior Software Engineer (Ref SSE-PS) – You’ll be involved in the ¬†planning, design, development and maintenance of projects and software solutions for Radicalbit customers. Those solutions will be mainly based on our proprietary software but also on third-party Fast Data / Big Data technologies . In details you need to have the following skills based also on your seniority level:

  • A deep knowledge of Java or any other language based on the JVM
  • MySQL or any other relational database
  • Comprehension of¬†RESTful Web frameworks
  • Flink, Spark, Kafka or any other distributed streaming platform
  • Knowledge of the Hadoop ecosystem
  • Cassandra or any other NoSQL database
  • Full professional proficiency in Italian and English is needed
  • Knowledge of devops tools (Docker in particular) and machine learning would be considered highly valuable as well.

Who you’ll work with

Radicalbit was born as an engineering and data science driven company, formed by an established team of experts that have years of real working experience on several technologies in projects that range from Big Data to web, native and mobile software solutions; they share a common passion (and knowledge) about Fast Data technologies, Scala and the Java platform. They work together both in office or remotely, with elastic time schedules.

How to apply

Send a mail to specifying in the object the reference of the position of your interest, presenting yourself and attaching your resume and the link to your LinkedIn profile (if you have one); if you’re maintaining or contributing to open source project(s), feel free to share your Github/Bitbucket/Gitlab profile with us, we’ll be glad to check it out.

Work location

Milan Area, Italy.