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Enrich real-time data with AI, enhance decision-making, drive business results

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Helicon is the platform that combines event stream processing and AI.

It enables you to simplify and accelerate developments in adaptable AI and machine learning-powered decision support systems.

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Supervise the entire data lifecycle and keep ML models updated for a true real-time data exploration
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Collect high volumes of real-time data from web applications, IIoT sensors, telemetry systems and more
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Create decision flows to transform and enrich data with ML models in the visual editor, using code only when it adds value
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Enable smart notifications that inform you whenever significant events are triggered
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Manage, version and deploy your Machine Learning models for an effortless operationalization


Helicon’s API can be integrated with major programming languages such as Java, Javascript & Python, plus open protocols like MQTT and HTTP.
Efficiency and compatibility are guaranteed by the use of industry-standard technological enabler:

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Your business-focused
decision intelligence enabler

Helicon allows the shift from static, conventional analytics to dynamic decision support systems delivering actionable insights in real-time. Thanks to Helicon, the integration of streaming data with artificial intelligence can improve the results of decision models and drive efficiency at a company-wide level.

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Flexible codelessness,
user-centered experience

Helicon is designed as a visual tool to streamline complex operation thanks to a user-friendly interface. Python code snippets can be integrated to fully customize decision flows and adapt them to changing real-world scenarios.


Join the codeless workspace for all data teams

Empower collaboration among key data stakeholders, should they be Data Scientists or Data Engineers. Your teams can work together or independently thanks to our tiered access system.


Focus on results, 
not on menial tasks

Helicon offers native integration with your preferred CI/CD tools. Thanks to our API, you can perform operations from your own external systems.


Supercharge MLOps and reduce time-to-market

Deploy, serve and monitor your ML models effortlessly. Helicon’s visual editor can help you turn time-consuming tasks into efficient, streamlined workflows.


Evolve your decision flows based on business needs

Helicon’s out-of-the-box workload scalability enables a tailored adjustment of data processing pipelines, to effectively handle variable amounts of real-time data.

SaaS or On-Prem

Built and maintained on the most modern infrastructures, Helicon is available with several plans in SaaS, granting cost efficiency and great time to market. As On-Prem (private datacenter or private cloud), Helicon is a Kubernetes-based application and can be deployed anywhere

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