Real Time

Almost everything is indeed measurable

Realtime Streaming Analytics made simple.

Radicalbit product suite is an end-to-end data pipeline computing environment in which a pool of software, leveraging computers collaborating over the network, take part to solve complex problems in order to achieve a common goal in a fast, event driven, scalable, resilient, secure, highly-available and integrated environment.

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About us

Radicalbit is a highly specialized software firm, founded in Milan, Italy, in 2015. We are dedicated to the design and development of Fast Data products and solutions, using the best-of-breed streaming technologies.

We’re rapidly growing, offering our enterprise solutions to data intense companies.

The Team

At Radicalbit we always challenge ourselves to reach better results, we love to have fun but we are dead serious about the quality of what we do.
Meet our wonderful team, a group of exceptionally skilled professionals, passionate about technology and innovation.