Stream Processing Made Simple

Build & Manage data applications in a visual way. Faster.

Radicalbit Data Management Platform can significantly speed up the adoption of streaming based architectures by offering a set of easy to use visual interfaces designed to help Customers in quickly achieving relevant business insights from their data.

Visual Pipeline/data flow editor

Self-service Analytics

Data Governance over streaming

Machine Learning & Rule Engines
out-of-the-box integration

Flexible deployment, Agile Data Management modules and the integration with Machine Learning and Rule Engines reduce the engineering and testing processes.

Our Platform

Radicalbit Data Management Platform  is a complete and powerful solution designed to offer the most advanced capabilities for Data Integration, Data Preparation and Data Visualization over streaming based architectures. As a result of years of research & development on streaming oriented systems, the Platform enables faster P.o.C. developments and significantly reduces the time to market in building applications

Our Company

Radicalbit is a highly specialized software house, founded in Milan in 2015. Our team of Engineers and Data Scientists designed and developed a Data Management platform, combining streaming technologies, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence with a self-service approach.

Our Team

We believe in interdisciplinary work, flexibility, agile methodology and in the value of data. We like sharing ideas-knowledge-experiences, supporting each other and pushing ourselves to the next level. Our rule is: not a single day goes by without a healthy dose of humor. And Sprints, of course.

Radicalbit S.r.l.

+39 (0)422 1600025

Registered Office

Via Pietro Borsieri 41,
20159 Milan - Italy


Via Pirelli 11,
20124 Milan - Italy

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