Keep control of your Data to unlock its value

Our DataOps Self-Service Platform, combining Machine Learning and AI, simplifies and speeds up streaming technologies implementation and adoption, saving costs, time and IT efforts

Radicalbit DataOps Platform can significantly speed up the adoption of streaming based architectures by offering a set of easy to use visual interfaces designed to help Customers in quickly achieving relevant business insights from their data.

Visual Pipeline/data flow editor

Self-service Analytics

Data Governance over streaming

Machine Learning & Rule Engines
out-of-the-box integration

Flexible deployment, Agile Data Management modules and the integration with Machine Learning and Rule Engines reduce the engineering and testing processes.

Our Platform

Radicalbit DataOps Platform  is a complete and powerful solution designed to offer the most advanced capabilities for Data Integration, Data Preparation and Data Visualization over streaming based architectures. As a result of years of research & development on streaming oriented systems, the Platform enables faster P.o.C. developments and significantly reduces the time to market in building applications

Our Company

Radicalbit is a highly specialized software house, founded in Milan in 2015. Our team of Engineers and Data Scientists designed and developed a DataOps Platform, combining streaming technologies, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence through a self-service approach.

Our Team

We believe in interdisciplinary work, flexibility, agile methodology and in the value of data. We like sharing ideas-knowledge-experiences, supporting each other and pushing ourselves to the next level. Our rule is: not a single day goes by without a healthy dose of humor. And Sprints, of course.


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