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Enable Continuous Intelligence, now!

AI on top of real-time data to automate decisions.

Our products enable Continuous Intelligence & real-time situational awareness to effectively and instantly respond to business events.

Continuous Intelligence

An effective Continuous Intelligence strategy requires an end-to-end approach built on an optimized
data supply chain and augmented analytics.

Embrace Continuous Intelligence without complexity

No Code | Less Skills | Max Speed

Empower AI with real-time data

Guide and automate actions at the right moment.


Augmented human decision-making

Make smarter decisions, and take action in real time.

Process high-volume event data
Apply real-time advanced analytics
Make accurate predictions
Trigger context-aware actions
Accelerate business outcomes

Core Capabilities

We enable decision automation and process optimization leveraging AI on top of real-time data.

Simple, Secure and Scalable
Let our platform handle the underlying complexity. Rule your data workloads with novel awareness and watch it run at warp speed.
Models improve when data changes
Models are able to detect data and concept drift and adapt automatically decreasing the maintenance cost and increasing speed.
Human in the loop
Organization is continuously involved in the process of models improvement contributing with human or machine feedbacks.
Unify training and evaluation
Continuous Training and Online Machine Learning features enable streaming inference and training, at once.

Use Cases

Smart mobility

Real time analytics and AI can improve, monitor and anticipate urban phenomena in new ways.

:: fleet tracking and management
:: real-time traffic monitoring
:: driver behavior and prediction

Predictive maintenance

Machine Learning can predict when equipment failures can accour. You can prevent that failure by taking relevant actions.

:: reduce equipment failures
:: increase efficiency and reliability
:: reduction in maintenance costs