About Us

Radicalbit team is an unique mix between Data Science and Data Engineering state-of-the-art skills and competences with a clear business vision about how the customers will benefit by adopting the innovative fast data approach.

The Company

Radicalbit is a highly specialized software firm, founded in Milan, Italy, in 2015. We are dedicated to the design and development of Fast Data products and solutions, using the best-of-breed streaming technologies. We’re rapidly growing, offering our enterprise solutions to data intense companies.

The Team


Leo Pillon


Roberto Bentivoglio


Michele Ridi


Enrico Sala

Head of Software Engineering

Mauro Cortellazzi

Solution Architect

Saverio Veltri

Software Engineer

Andrea Spina

Software Engineer

Riccardo Diomedi

Data Scientist

Gloria Ronzoni

Data Scientist

Ali Alerwi

Software Engineer

Simone Marzoli

Software Engineer

Marco Tagliabue

Software Engineer

Lorenzo Filì

Software Engineer

Francesco Frontera

Software Engineer

Paolo Mascetti