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Deep Learning for Hard Drives Predictive Maintenance

The power of Machine Learning for Predictive Maintenance   Predictive maintenance for industry 4.0 helps determine the condition of in-service equipment in order to estimate when maintenance should be performed. Its main goal is to prevent asset failure by...

Continuous Intelligence for Smart Mobility

Reshaping Shared Mobility with Continuous Intelligence   The real value of new Mobility services comes from enabling operators to meet business and clients’ requirements with more efficiency and profitability, in a timely manner. But offering a tailored customer...

The crucial role of Real-time Analytics in Sharing Mobility

How streaming data and real-time analytics can reduce operational costs   Vehicles sharing operators have gained some powerful momentum in the past three years, and they contribute to sharing mobility growth, reaching a market value of over 100 billion USD....

Why 85% of Data Science Projects fail

Because of a number of reasons, both technical and people-related, it is hard to accomplish Big Data projects   Poor Integration Poor integration is one of the major technical and technological problems behind the failure. Actually, integrating siloed data from...

This is time for Time-series Databases

The history of Database management systems could be interpreted as a Darwinian evolution process. The dominance of relational databases gives way to the data warehouses one, which better adapt to the earliest business intelligence requirements; then, alongside the...

F1 Modeling: our use case for Telemetry Sports

The history of F1 motor racing and the use of telemetry as a way to monitor car setup and performance dates back to the 80s. The first electronic systems were installed onboard the car, collected information for only one lap and the data were then downloaded when the...

Make crucial predictions as the data comes

Walking by the hottest ITstreets in these days means you've likely heard about achieving Online Machine Learning, i.e. moving AI towards streaming scenario and exploiting the real-time capabilities along with new Artificial Intelligence techniques.  Moreover, you will...


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