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Integrate AI within streaming pipelines

Use your models inside streaming pipelines effortlessly.

Out-of-the-box operationalization

A ready operationalization helps ensure consistency in data collection and interpretation

Scalability made easy & possible

Handling an increasing amount of real-time data effectively means a company can maintain the quality of its products or services and general efficiency.

Keep your models updated

Track models on various metrics, generate alerts & then trigger model retraining if required.

Tech Stack & Logical Architecture

What you'll get with Helicon

  • All-in-one collaborative workplace

    Enable collaboration between data teams & manage your decision flows seamlessly

  • Boost productivity

    Data engineers and scientists can work in autonomy with native monitoring and log management.

  • Focus on correct data

    Your team will find declarative pipeline development, testing and debug in one single place.

  • Automation with APIs

    Integrate natively Helicon with your CI/CD tools; with our API, you can perform operations from your external systems.

  • Integrate AI in seconds

    Deploy and monitor your ML models effortlessly.