Radicalbit Philosophy

"The universe is an open book written in mathematical language"

Galileo Galilei (1555-1632)

We started from Galileo Galilei’s famous quote as almost everything is indeed measurable with mathematics and nowadays the available technologies and the level reached by Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques are allowing companies like Radicalbit to deliver the promise Artificial Intelligence made long ago: to actually provide reliable information about the future.
We’re deeply passionate about technology and we firmly believe the era we’re living in represent a crucial moment in the history of human kind: the global economy as we know it, is radically changing, evolving towards a scenario in which real time data processing will shape every single aspect of our life.
Any sector - big or small - will be transformed by the new possibilities granted by Artificial Intelligence, pervasive computing and sophisticated sensors generating tons of data. Any decision process about business, ecology, politics, etc, cannot leave those data and technologies out of the picture.
At Radicalbit we believe what we do, the products we develop, the ideas we share with the community, will help companies to evolve their decision processes, giving them the right tools to better understand their world.

Radicalbit DNA

At Radicalbit, we believe in a few, strong and powerful ideas: our DNA, a set of values shaping everything we do.

Our core values

Because we believe in what we do. We believe in our work and in the ideas behind it, aiming to build piece by piece something unique and relevant.
We want our ideas and products to be disruptive, not destructive. We’ve entered in a new era, where data and algorithms are more and more shaping our daily life. We’re part of this (r)evolution, actually, we’re excited we’re playing a role in it.
Because Radicalbit selected a state-of-the-art set of technologies, building products with an innovative and creative approach. Because we work to make our technology future-proof as we think about the future every single day, and we look at it with an optimistic attitude.
Because we live in an ever-changing, ever-evolving environment and we need to constantly observe and quickly adapt to overcome the new challenges.
Because we believe in open source and we like to give back what the community gave us in the first place.
Because technology is only valid if it is truly able to have a significant, positive impact in the real world, producing tangible results and benefits.

Our Mission

Radicalbit is a highly specialized software firm focussed on the design and development of Fast Data Products and Solutions able to speed up the generation of value by leveraging technology. With a passionate team mixing Data Science and Data Engineering state-of-the-art skills and competences, a clear business vision and a result-oriented attitude, Radicalbit develop streaming oriented systems capable of delivering, processing, analyzing and storing events as fast as they come in. Radicalbit product suite is the result of the unification of machine learning algorithms, streaming, real-time technologies and analytics capabilities, a solution designed to produce business competitive advantages for data intense companies.

Our Vision

Analytics are everywhere. IoT and pervasive computing are rapidly changing the global scenario carrying us in a new era: the data economy. We’re living the dawn of a major, radical revolution that will shape every aspect of our daily life in the next decades.
Big, small, fast.
Any data is the new oil and the use of real time analytics combined with A.I. and Machine Learning has become inevitable for companies willing to compete in this new evolving scenario.
We believe fast data products and solutions will enable Customers to gather relevant business insights from their data, helping them in the decision making process. Radicalbit ambition is to provide its Customers a set of tools that will be proven essentials in their business as time is a key element nowadays and evolving Big Data into Fast Data results in competitive advantages.