Blending Live Shopping with Artificial Intelligence
to create a unique Live Stream Commerce Platform


What is GOLIVE


Live Stream Shopping is the combination of streaming video and e-commerce. This brings consumers one step closer to the in-person experience.

Traffic information and dashboards in real time

Customer Intelligence based on advanced analytics and data management technologies

Sentiment analysis in real time thanks to Machine Learning

Easy to use UI/UX experience

Enhance of sales conversions and brand awareness

Customer Intelligence

The Customer Intelligence process contains a collection of customer data via multiple channels and includes technologies for feedback management, social media monitoring, Natural Language Processing (NLP) as well as other advanced analytics and data management technologies.


We have integrated NLP with shoppable videos and contents. GoLive leverages an analytical process that uses real-time analytics and artificial intelligence algorithms to extract insights always updated and accurate. The platform collects, analyzes, and sorts chat anonymized data into relevant categories.

Sentiment Analysis

Through Sentiment Analysis in a live show, a Brand can measure how customers feel about different aspects of its products. Our approach consists of recognizing the sentiment based on the words and their order using a sentiment-labelled training set and a deep learning technique.

Emotional Analysis

Emotional Analysis highlights the nuances between the different feelings readers express. While sentiment analysis helps a Brand to know how his content is performing, emotional analysis leads to understanding why.
In GoLive 9 different types of emotions are extracted.

Topic Modeling

In GOLIVE topic modeling is conducted through an unsupervised machine learning method to all the questions made by the viewers during a live show. The questions are then grouped in 7 different themes.