by Radicalbit 15 May 2020

Reshaping Shared Mobility with Continuous Intelligence

The real value of new Mobility services comes from enabling operators to meet business and clients’ requirements with more efficiency and profitability, in a timely manner.
But offering a tailored customer experience with real-time recommendations and predicting customer behaviors or the seasonality of demand in your specific trade, demand real-time data management, and predictive analysis.

Working with real-time data involves a specific type of processing large amounts of constantly updating data, called stream processing, while machine learning is the core principle behind predictive analytics. On the other hand, onboarding stream processing tools and operationalization of machine learning are complicated operations, as well as technologies hard to implement and maintain and leverage.

With a Platform dedicated to easy off-the-shelf real-time DataOps and MLOps ensuring no more bottlenecks and barriers in the delivery of data and analytics, we help Smart mobility key players make strategic decisions at the moment of awareness, instead of following in the footsteps of competitors.

Our high-value use case regarding Shared Mobility is the proof of the effectiveness of our solution.