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Kafka Summit 2022: Keynote highlights

Kafka Summit is an event that we couldn’t miss. Not only it’s an amazing opportunity to meet with other Kafka enthusiasts, but it’s also a chance to learn new things and network with the best of the best in the industry.
We were thrilled to sponsor and speak at this incredible event! Here are the Keynote speech highlights.

26 May 2022

L. Gastaldi

How to reduce energy waste with AI

Applying AI to real-time IoT data brings prompt advantages for companies, like a considerable reduction in energy and raw material waste.

30 March 2022

S. Sirichatpaphakul

Artificial Intelligence in E-commerce

How does AI work for e-commerce implementation? In recent years, online shopping has become more widespread to almost all demographics. Let’s take a look at the most recent AI applications to e-commerce platforms.

24 February 2022

A. Spina

Tackling Data Challenges for a real-time MLOps platform

Moving Artificial Intelligence models to production environments for IT businesses is as much crucial as painful. This article will show how to wrap ML models into containers, how Seldon helps Ops engineers to orchestrate thousands of models together and how Apache Kafka connects these assets with heterogeneous data and heavy workloads.

25 November 2021

D. Fiacconi

What’s the right time to train ML models, again?

Building a performing Machine Learning model requires a significant amount of time to experiment. A data scientist tries different algorithms or different feature engineering strategies before getting the model right. Once the model is tuned to its best, it may be time to serve it in the production environment.

24 August 2021

A New Era of Retail is coming

Retailers recognize that COVID-19 will have a significant impact on their business and it’s time to think through the longer-term implications. According to analysts’ studies, there are key areas where retail execs should be focusing their attention in today’s highly-fluid social, economic environment.

4 June 2020


Deep Learning Predictive Maintenance for Hard Drives

Predictive maintenance for industry 4.0 helps determine the condition of in-service equipment in order to estimate when maintenance should be performed.

18 May 2020

Real-time analytics in Retail: why it matters

In the era of the hyper-connected consumer, providing a personalized experience is the key to success: enterprises that fail to cater to specific customer needs lose out and clients soon switch loyalties to their competitors. That’s why companies need to leverage analytics at the most opportune time and place.

27 March 2020