Deep technology behind analytics 

Agile data management, pre-built connectors, ML integration and flexible deployment.
Here are the tech features of RNA

The future proof DataOps platform built on top of Kafka to securely manage  the end-to-end Data lifecycle 


 Connectors for every Data source

Use all the connectors available in the platform to manage integration 
between Apache Kafka and other systems. Here’s a few of the most popular connectors

Stream processor agnostic

Implement, deploy and monitor your pipeline regardless of the underlying stream processor

Operationalize your ML models

Implement your model using the technology you prefer and put it in production with just a few clicks

Deploy wherever you want

Choose the deployment solution that suits you best


Agility, efficiency, scalability
and security are the most important  benefits PaaS offers


Have more control over your
data and govern entirely
the environment

Private Cloud

Manage your applications from a central place, with no concern of  being outside IT governance

Multi/Hybrid Cloud

Flexibility and scalability to achieve greater efficiencies and take advantage of the economies of scale

The latest DevOps tools

RNA has a microservices architecture: each micro-service is encapsulated in Docker containers and orchestrated by Kubernetes. This allows deployment automation, scalability and full management of containers

Monitor your resources with RNA built-in features

Check the metrics related to the Apache Kafka cluster.
Watch data flowing inside topics and verify configurations, consumers and lags.
Create custom alert for being updated on the state of your pipeline, connectors and models.

Multi-tenancy & Security

Each tenant will use different standards for authentication: OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0, and SAML
Each user has their own set of permissions within a tenant
Built-in support to connect to existing LDAP or Active Directory servers